• Our Philosophy

    ATLAS Collective represents a number of people collectively striving to change the world and empower the disadvantaged through sustainable practices. To teach others how to create a life for themselves, and sustain it when we leave.

New Rocks & New Life

Well, it’s only taken a little over a year, but I think we’ve finally got the farm running the way I always dreamed we would. It’s taken a lot more problem solving than I thought it would, but it’s all been worth the education and process. One of the biggest challenges was the growbed medium … Continue reading

Cinderella Success

This last weekend our incredibly generous and amazing friends at I Dream of Fish pulled off another amazing movie premier fundraiser. This year they showed an early screening of Disney’s new movie Cinderella at The Vista Theatre in Los Feliz, and they raised over $10,000 for a project that we have started in Northern Uganda. Thank … Continue reading

Tomato Dance

We planted a ton of tomato starters a few months ago and we just harvested all the fruit of our labor this last week before we pulled everything out so that we could swap our gravel medium out. It’s been quite the learning experience with this farm here in Southern India that has had us … Continue reading

Uganda Exploration & Implementation

Our love for the communities in Northern Uganda & Southern India are the two main reasons we got into this crazy idea called Aquaponics. Since our first introduction to this idea in 2011, we’ve been dreaming about the day we would be able to help out our friends at GBCC & Harvest India by partnering … Continue reading

Indian Heat Wave

I just returned to India to continue developing, learning, and adjusting things here on the Harvest India Aquaponics Farm. I’ve returned to a farm that is in need of a lot of love. This last Summer proved to be quite a challenge for the system, and the heat was too much for it to handle. … Continue reading

Fish + Plants = Up & Running

This post is actually quite a few weeks late, but the Harvest India Aquaponics Farm is officially up and running! We put the Tilapia and vegetables in at the end of March, but I haven’t had time to update the blog until now. As of today the Tilapia are happy and healthy and the veggies are … Continue reading

Plumbing & Pond Lid

Like everything else in India, the lid for the pond took me a little longer to construct than I thought it would. I didn’t have access to a lot of the tools that I would have used in the States, and it took us two days just to find screws that were long enough for … Continue reading

LEGO Movie Fundraiser

This last Sunday a really, really big event occurred, and I’m not talking about the Super Bowl. I Dream of Fish and ATLAS Collective partnered together to put on a fundraiser to finance the farm in India and a future project in Uganda. Thus, The LEGO Movie  became a part of this already amazing story. I … Continue reading

Construction Complete

Hallelujah… the farm construction is complete! Well, at least the brick and concrete are finished. We still have to install the plumbing and a few other minor pieces of the puzzle, but we are so close to being done! Here are some more pictures of the farm currently:

Thailand Research Trip

My wife and I were fortunate enough to get to travel to Thailand for two weeks to do some Aquaponics research and get a little break from India. It was extremely educational, productive, and rejuvenating. At the beginning of our trip we met up with James Gustafson of the Sustainable Development Research Foundation and got … Continue reading